DIY DOCTORS offers Drain Services to homes and offices across Solihull and surrounding areas. Our qualified drain engineers are always on hand to help and can even offer a same-day unblocking service. Our standard hours are 8am to 6pm, but you can also book us earlier in the morning as well as evenings and Saturdays. Our qualified plumbers deal every day with all sorts of drainage jobs. If you need a drainage expert in Solihull we have the people for you.



Toilets, urinals, basins, waste disposals, sinks, baths and showers can all become blocked for a variety of reasons, some within and some beyond your immediate control.



If you have a blockage, whatever the reason, contact us without delay and we’ll get things flowing freely again.



Unblocking Jobs We Do


– Unblock toilets

– Unblock urinals

– Unblock baths

– Unblock kitchen sinks

– Unblock showers

– Unblock internal waste pipes

– Rod drains and gullies


Typical jobs


Rod drains

Unblock showers, baths, basins & sinks

Unblock toilet or urinal



When it comes to the installation of new plumbing fixtures, our specialist plumbers are the right people for the job.



Perhaps you have bought a new pump to boost the water pressure to your shower? Or a new outdoor tap? Or a macerator unit for the kitchen sink? Whatever you have, we should be able to install it.



DIY Doctors:


– Installs taps and valves

– Installs sinks and basins

– Installs baths, showers and shower screens

– Installs toilets and bidets

– Installs macerator and waste disposal units (Saniflo, Insinkerator, etc.)

– Installs valves and joints

– Installs pipes and traps

– Installs white goods appliances

This is not an exhaustive list so please call us to explain your needs and we will look to fulfil them as quickly as possible, with the minimum disruption.



Some installation work requires a degree of collateral damage, for instance as a result of running pipe through walls or under floors rather than surface-mounted. Where this is necessary, our plumber will discuss your options with you before the work is undertaken. And, of course, you can book our handymen for any reinstatement and redecorating work afterwards.



You can contact us by phoning 0800 612 3546, by using our simple booking form, or by emailing us on info@diydoctors.co.uk.



Typical jobs


Garden taps

Isolation valves

Sinks and basins

Waste disposal units

White goods appliances



Our specialist plumbers are perfect for and ready to help with repairing any number of plumbing issues within the home or office.



Plumbing faults come in many shapes and sizes, whether it be dripping taps, leaking traps, cold radiators, or a defective shower pump.

We can assist you with all of these and more:


– Repairs to toilets, including flush mechanisms, cisterns and overflows

– Repairs to taps, including changing washers or cartridges

– Repairs to radiators, including bleeding and balancing, or overhauling valves

– Repairs to traps, wastes and plugs

– Repairs to leaking pipe work

– Repairs to plumbing connections and joints



This is not an exhaustive list so please call us to explain your problem and we will look to resolve it for you as quickly as possible, with the minimum disruption.

Please note that it is useful for us to know if we can isolate the water locally, rather than having to shut off and drain down the entire system. If we can isolate the water locally, the isolation valve should be on the pipe within about 50cm of the damaged item.

You can contact us by phoning 0800 612 3546, by using our simple booking form, or by emailing us on



Typical jobs




Sinks and basins