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We don’t only provide handymen. If you are looking for an electrician in Solihull and surrounding areas then DIY Doctors have a team of highly qualified and experienced electricians just waiting to help you.


Our electricians spend most of their time fixing lights, Changing bulbs, replacing transformers, switching switches, swapping light fittings or finding faults. Have a look at the jobs we can help with below.


Our handymen can take care of the simpler stuff – predominantly changing light bulbs – but for most other electrical work, we recommend using one of our experienced electricians.

Fault Finding & Repairs


If something suddenly stops working, it may not just be a simple question of resetting a tripped fuse. It can also be dangerous to investigate without the proper equipment. Perhaps a cable has become disconnected, a transformer has burned out or a circuit has been overloaded. In any case, you will need a qualified electrician to find and resolve the problem so that it does not recur. Call DIY Doctors and we will get one of the team over to you.


You can contact us by phoning 0800 612 3546, by using our simple booking form, or by emailing us on



When you need or want to replace an electrical item in your home or office, DIY Doctors electricians are the people you need.

Switches, socket outlets, lamp holders and light fittings, cables, spurs: all can be replaced.


DIY Doctors electricians:


– Replace switches

– Replace sockets

– Replace light fittings

– Replace cables and wires

– Replace junction boxes

– Replace terminal connectors

– Replace worn trunking and conduits

– Replace damaged plugs

– Replace pull-cords

– Replace extractor fans

This list is not exhaustive so if you have any item of electrical gear that you believe should be replaced, get in touch and let us know what it is.



When it comes to cables and wires, you will want to consider whether any new cables would be run in conduit chased into walls or surface-mounted in trunking. The same goes for switches and sockets, the back boxes of which can also be set back into walls, making the finished article more flush or less invasive.



Naturally, cutting into walls requires making good afterwards and our handymen are perfect for such reinstatement.


You can contact us by phoning 0800 612 3546, by using our simple booking form, or by emailing us on



Bulbs, lamps, halogen, flourescent, bayonet cap, screw cap; uplighters, downlighters, spots; starters, transformers, extra low-voltage; one-gang, two-gang and dimmer switches; ceiling roses, pendants and batten lampholders.

The language of lights is colourful and extensive.

When it comes down to it, though, you just want the lights you have (or the lights you intend to have) to be installed safely, correctly, and to work as they should.

That’s what DIY Doctors electricians are here for, ready to deal with all your lighting needs.

When it comes to changing light bulbs – and we change many thousands of them every year – in most cases one of our handymen is more than capable of completing the task.

Beyond this, however, we recommend booking an experienced electrician, whether it be for replacing a light fitting, running a cable to a new location, or changing a transformer.

DIY Doctors electricians:


– Change light bulbs

– Change light starters

– Change light transformers

– Change light fittings

– Change light switches

– Check lighting circuit cables

– Trace lighting faults and repair them

This list is not exhaustive so please get in touch to find out how we can help to get your lights working.

We can also assist with more complicated lighting work, including notifiable jobs such as adding a new lighting circuit or installing lighting in a special location such as a bathroom or kitchen (the proximity of water to electricity and exposed skin is what makes these areas ‘special’ and therefore subject to additional regulations).


You can contact us by phoning 0800 612 3546, by using our simple booking form, or by emailing us on

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